About Nora’s Baklava

Do you think you have had good Baklava before? Think again! The Mediterranean-born pastry has been perfected in San Diego, CA, by Nora Chaya -- a loving mother and a Baklava artisan for more than three decades. Nora's Baklava is beautifully hand-crafted using the highest quality of ingredients and infused with American flavors that appeal to a variety of individual taste preferences.


From the first time you set your eyes on those layers of flakey goodness and catch a hint of that sweet buttery aroma, to the last bite you so eagerly take; Nora’s Baklava will enchant your eyes, nose, and taste-buds with a completely unique dessert experience. And unlike other desserts, Nora’s Baklava stays fresh for up to 2 weeks when stored airtight in a cool place – allowing you to experience dessert nirvana again and again and again!